sold ORVIS “99” BAMBOO FLY ROD, 8’6” FOR A 7wt. LINE

sold ORVIS “99” BAMBOO FLY ROD, 8’6” FOR A 7wt. LINE


 This rod, SN 42553, is a remarkably high condition “99.”  According to the Orvis serial number database, #42553 was built in January 1966 with 2 tips.  I believe that it was later restored by Orvis, with new reel seat and cork, and a new style tube with a new factory label.  In the restoration, the guides were replaced and the original ferrules were darkened. Restoring an impregnated rod leaves the original impregnated finish.  Since the restoration, the rod has seen very little use, if any.

The “99” series commemorated Orvis’s 99 years of rod building.  The rod is 8’6”, marked at 5 ounces for a 7wt line.  It features conventional Orvis down-locking reel seat over mahogany spacer, 6 ½” cork, hook keeper, bright red wraps, blackened snake guides, Mildrum style stripper, blackened Super Z style ferrules, black tube with green label.  Serial number 42553 on butt and both tips.

I have lawn cast the rod with a 7wt silk line and a 6wt WF—great rod for larger waters requiring extra reach,

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