Leather Fly Cases by Arne Mason

Special Availability!

Recently, Arne discovered a box of 15 leather fly cases packed for delivery to a retailer but never sent off.  He has asked that they be sold and the proceeds sent to the American Museum of Fly Fishing. We are delighted to make these available.



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Well-known leather artisan Arne Mason retired two years ago and closed his shop.  His work was highly regarded among fly fishers for the excellence of his craft and for his faithful interpretation of traditional sporting leather items.  It has been our pleasure here at Classic Flyfishing Tackle to offer his reel cases and other products for sale over the past 20 years.

Arne Mason Leather Fly Case, buckle closure

Four Styles Available

  • Buckle closure – available with open or closed ends
  • Stud closure – available with open or closed ends
  • Snap closure – available with open or closed ends
  • Folding fly wallet

The closed fly cases are $140, and the folding wallets are $100

For more information or to purchase contact Ward Tonsfeldt | 541.408.1564 | dvarden1903@gmail.com