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HARDY LRH FLY REEL, OVERSEAS MANUFACTURE, NEW IN BOX                                       $165

Popular trout reel from the Lightweight series, "designed and developed" in England.  Comes with box, paper work, and neoprene case.  Excellent choice for a 5wt or 6wt line.  Easy RH/LH conversion. Email Ward,


ROSS "FLYCAST 4" FLY REEL  NEW IN BOX                                                 $65

New economy reel from Ross Reels, marked as a 6wt, 7wt, 8wt reel.  This reel is unused, new in box with paperwork. Set for LHW, but can be changed.  Diameter is 3 1/2" with medium sized arbor.  Good drag and check.  Email Ward,



OGDEN SMITH "FLYOS" 3" FLY REEL, ENGLAND                                                          $60

Very nice reel for lines in the 4wt range.  Tight bushing, good latch, strong sheck.  RH or LH operation.  I beleive this reel was made by Young's, but who knows?  Comes with a William Mills hanging tag.   Email Ward,

Excellent Orvis Battenkill 5/6 Disc.  Comes with Orvis vinyl zip case and new Cortland 444 WF6 Nymph-tip line.  Reel is in excellent condition with faint finish wear on the back of the frame as shown. (9)  email Ward,

SALMON TAILER,  MADE BY W.L. SULLIVAN                                 $80
This is a device for landing Atlantic Salmon (and other fish) by catching their caudal “wrist” in a loop of stainless steel cable.  Ingenious design immobilizes the fish without damage caused by gaff hooks or landing nets.  Perfect for catch-and-release fishing.  In use, the angler cocks the cable loop, then slips it over the fish’s tail so it can snap tight. This tailer was made about 20 years ago and used very lightly in Quebec.  CONDITION is excellent with cable and fittings in top shape. email ward at