This rod makes into two rods—an 8'7" rod for a 5wt or 6wt. and a 7'7" rod for a 5wt. There are two 51 ½" tips, a 51 ½" butt, and a 40" butt. Ferrules are 13/64". Weight of the shorter version is 4 ounces, and the weight of the longer version is 4 ¾ ounces. Serial number is 0042. Comes with original bag and Sierra tube. The action of the longer version is full-flexing with a 5wt. or a 6wt. line. This is a fine rod for larger waters, especially with a wet fly, nymph, or streamer. Because the butt is shorter than the tip on the 7'7" version, the action is similar to a parabolic rod, especially a Constable or Pezon Michel in my opinion. This is a lively rod with a dry fly and lots of fun to cast. The Companion rods were introduced by Walton's father, E.C. Powell. They are handy to pack and satisfying to fish. Excellent original condition with minor soiling on the corks.

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