This is an unused Lee Wulff "Ultimate" from the 1960s.  This reel was a product of collaboration between Lee Wulff and Stan Bodgan.  Bogdan designed the reel, incorporating his then radical idea for a frameless fly reel.  One hundred of the reels were made in the Farlow shop in the UK.  Norm Thompson distributed the reels from Portland, OR.  There may (or may not) have been a second run of another one hundred.  Graydon Hilyard documents the "Ultimate" in his book on Stan Bogdan.

The reel is 3 3/8" in diameter with a 1 1/8" wide spool.  Fixed check, RH/LH convertible, ventilated spool and frame, anodized finish.  Accommodates an 8wt line with backing.

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