Vintage Flyfishing Creels & Cases


Nice leather rod tube for rod sections up to 42” long. Tube inside diameter measures 1 5/8”. The leather is supple and light colored. Has a strap and snap closure. The long seam is machine stitched, and the end seams are hand stitched. Has an internal aluminum tube for added protection. No maker’s cartouche



Nice leather rod tube for rod sections up to 38” long. Tube inside diameter measures 1 5/8”. The leather is supple and has an even dark finish. Has a strap and buckle closure. The long seam is hand stitched, as are the end seams. Has an internal aluminum tube for added protection. There is an old repair on the cap strap, but it seems solid. No maker’s cartouche.

LARGE UNMARKED PORTLAND STYLE CREEL                                    $320

This creel was apparently made in one of the Portland, Oregon, leather lofts before WW II, but there is no maker's name.  Has the characteristic half leather top, a large pocket, and embossing.  The use of two diagonal latch straps and the twist-lock fasteners is quite distinctive.  Condition is generally good with some repairs and a replaced hanging strap.  Comes with a leather harness.

GEORGE LAWRENCE HAZEL DELL CREEL                                     $235

This is a pre-WWII George Lawrence creel in the seldom-seen Hazel Dell model. See The Art of the Creel, p.58. The Hazel Dell creels did not have the leather hinge, the leather elbows, the hanging strap, or the half leather top. They were marked for size with a number followed by a D; this is a 5D size. They were the economy model of the Lawrence line. This one shows age and use, but it displays well. The latch strap has been replaced, and there are some losses on the edge of the fish hole. Comes with harness.

HARD LEATHER FLY REEL SPOOL CASE                                $75

Custom-made trunk style case for two fly reel spools.  This case will not fit reels, just spools.  Handles two spools up to 3 1/4" in diameter, might stretch to 3 1/2" but check with me.  Nice leather work in very good condition.  Dimensions are 3 1/2" diameter, 3 3/4" wide.  No maker's marks on the leather.        

GEORGE LAWRENCE CREEL                                        $500
This George Lawrence number 4 creel is in excellent condition.  The hanging strap, latch strap, and buckle are all fine.  The leather remains supple and retains a good amount of the original brown color. The split willow basket work is very good, with two small imperfections.  The Lawrence company cartouche is on the back.  Comes with a harness.



TURTLE BASKET WITHOUT LEATHERING                            $270
Unused Turtle-style basket imported by Ilhan New of Boulder, CO, in the 1920s.  These baskets were made in Korea and usually sold with leathering by the Turtle company.  Quality of the basket-work is exceptional, based on a complex weave of split bamboo reinforced on the bottom.



PORTLAND STYLE CREEL LEATHERED IN JAPAN                                  $300
This creel has the Portland style half leather top, leather binding, and leather “elbows”, which were likely applied in Japan.  Tidy appearance and generally good condition with replacement front closure strap and hanging strap.  Comes with period harness.